Rock 4 Life at Rockcliff

July 20, 2016
Nick @ The Rockafellas

Charity night at Rockcliff

Charity Success with The Rockafellas

At Rockcliff Rugby Club Whitley Bay

Last weekend The Rockafellas played a packed-to-the-brim gig in aid of ‘Rock 4 Life’ charity. The event was put on to raise money for breast cancer research.

The event took place at Rockcliff Rugby Club in Whitley Bay who were great hosts for the evening.

We – along with everyone else – had a fantastic night and would like to thank everyone for  coming along. A particularly big thank you to those who danced, assisted, donated, bid and generally contributed to the great evening.

After a quick count yesterday morning it looks like we were able to raise around £4400 which really is quite astounding.

We look forwarded to the next Rock 4 Life event.

If you would like to raise money in aid of breast cancer research you can get all the information you need here: Cancer Research UK

If anyone has any photos or videos of the night please send them to or tag us in them at our Facebook & Twitter pages.

Here’s a few we have already been sent.