Great Idea For A Wedding

June 25, 2016
Nick @ The Rockafellas

Marryoke Wedding

We recently had the pleasure of playing at Olivia & Ralph’s Wedding at North Side Farm in Northumberland. We had a great time and so did the guests, lovely venue and happy couple.

One of the things we couldn’t wait to see the results of was the Marryoke that was being filmed while we were there and performing. The very clever guys at Red Lime even included a few shots of the band in the final cut and Oh Boy it’s great.

Check it out!


Wedding Marryoke. Oh Boy, Buddy Holly.
Olivia and Ralph got Married on the 28th May 2016 at Northside Farm, Horsley, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Red Lime spent two days with this lovely couple to film this Marryoke, a Wedding video, the Ceremony, Blessing, Speeches and a Corporate video too.. phew!